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LifeMap Counseling
196 S. Main St. Barre, VT. 05641
Toby White, M.A., LCMHC
(802) 881-2984
LifeMap Counseling is a practice dedicated to helping you and your family create your best life.  Life Map is a unique practice that offers something for every client.   We offer compassionate and effective professional mental health counseling services for individuals who would like some help getting life back on track.  For individuals and families who feel comfortable with their current life functioning, we offer coaching to help successfully navigate life’s bumps.  Finally, we offer yearly mental health check-ups for all individuals to ensure early intervention is ready whenever it may be needed.  LifeMap counseling services are available in our offices, on the phone, or via HIPPA compliant internet video call.  Whether you’re down the street or half a world away, you have access to professional, life enhancing counseling.

We know that people come into counseling for many different reasons.  Those reasons are and should be the driving factor in laying out a map for the journey of discovery and recovery.  We carefully listen to our clients to determine the best course of treatment, then help our clients to create a map to get there.  We believe it is a rare client who needs extended treatment.  Instead, treatment should always be goal oriented and have a beginning, middle, and an end.  Our clients receive the most effective treatment available, using practices that are informed by evidence-based practices when appropriate, specifically tailored to the client’s individual needs.